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  • 1.Warranty period

    All transceiver module products produced by FIBERTOP enjoy a two-year warranty service from the date of purchase. This part warranty rights and interests are not transferable.

    2.Technical Support

    If you encounter any difficulties during installation or use, you can contact FIBERTOP's technical support department before sending it for repair.

    3.Warranty process

    Ensure that the product-related information is complete or provide relevant information (such as order number, product model, product serial number, product label, etc.)→Describe the problems you encounter in use→FIBERTOP confirms that the product is still in the warranty period→Send the product back to FIBERTOP repair centre.

    Remind:The product warranty after repair or replacement will be limited to the remaining warranty period of the original product or ninety days after repair, whichever is longer.

    4.Repair application

    When you need to FIBERTOP product repair (RMA), please contact your sales consultant, in order to provide timely service to you.Sales consultant

    5.Free maintenance items

    The product quality problems caused by product design defects or material problems affect the products used, and there are no products with damaged appearance.

    6.The following conditions will not be repaired

    6.1、By maintenance units judged as a non FIBERTOP products;

    6.2、The appearance of man-made damage;

    6.3、End face damage caused by use;

    6.4、Inapplicable items listed in the warranty statement.

    7.Warranty description

    7.1、FIBERTOP guarantees that all the products listed above are subject to strict quality control from the purchase of raw materials and the complete manufacturing process. In accordance with the various conditions and restrictions proposed, if it is confirmed that the original material is defective or the defective product caused by the missing manufacturing process, FIBERTOP will provide free repair or replacement services;

    7.2、The warranty clause does not include any improper installation, accidental disasters, natural disasters, abuse, misuse, insufficient or excessive power supply, incorrect operation, poor environmental conditions, and any unauthorized disassembly, repair or modification The resulting product damage;

    7.3、The warranty clause also does not apply to resale of second-hand or unauthorized products;

    7.4、The warranty clause only guarantees that when consumers purchase defective or damaged products, FIBERTOP provides services such as repairs and replacements; for the user’s use of other equipment in the system caused by damage to the data and repair needs, or the resulting FIBERTOP products cannot be normal When used; FIBERTOP is not obliged to compensate or assume warranty responsibility.

    7.5、The scope of the warranty clause does not include system problems caused by third-party software, connected related equipment, etc.

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